Home Screen

Help: This screen gives you an overview of all your recruitment activity.

To change your password or see what Vacancies you have access to, click on the 'Your Login Details' button. You can amend your contact phone number and your password. It will also display your 'Department' code. If you are one of several managers this is what determines which vacancies in the organisation you will be able to view. If you need access to another vacancy your HR Consultant can seek to have your Department code to the vacancy and you will have instant access.

The 'Status Summary' below the 'Your Login Details' button has been prepared by your HR Consultant and gets updates to reflect current activity. Its a good means of getting an overview of what is going on and is visible to everyone with a login.

To see your candidates we suggest you try clicking on Quick Look first. There is also a Quick Look for Interviews. There are also Search screens so you can look for exactly what you are after, and you can directly add candidates - or potential candidates - in the 'Refer a Candidate' menu.