Refer a Candidate

Use this screen to quickly send us details of someone you think would make a good candidate. You don't need to fill it all in. Your HR Consultant will get in touch to get full details.

Refer a Candidate

Help: This screen allows you to directly submit candidates for any vacancy within the organisation. It includes even those vacancies not being advertised to the public as long as they are listed as open.

Simply select your vacancy from the list. You will be presented with a copy of the vacancy details (the advert) for you to check its the right one. Select the 'Click to Submit Candidate' link and you will be taken to a simplified application form.

There you can include minimal information if that is all you have. You don't even need an email address - or a CV. However the more you can provide then the easier it will be to progress this candidate. To save you time you can shortlist this candidate as you add them (e.g. select A, B, C or D). We also invite you to use the 'Cover Notes' box to advise on any information that is pertinent or has led you to submitting them.

The application will be automatically marked as a 'Manager Referral' when submitted using your login as the reference.