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Manager Referrals

Help: This screen shows all the candidates that have been referred by you and your colleagues for your vacancies.

The screen only shows your current vacancies but it shows ALL candidates that you or your colleagues have submitted through the 'Refer a Candidate' screen. It even includes all Rejected/Withdrawn, Duplicate and 'Incomplete' applications.

In most of the other screens, candidate applications or referrals which are largely Incomplete or where the system can't check if they have already applied (e.g. there is no email address to check against) wont display. In this screen however they are shown and can be identified by having a Status of 'Prev_App?' reflecting their unverified status.

Candidates are shown split by Vacancy and then by their 'Stage' in the process. Clicking on the grey chevrons beside each Vacancy and/or Stage will hide/reveal its candidates. Click on the Candidate's name to see their details or click on the 'email' link to send an email.