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Help: This screen shows all your 'Current' candidates in all of your currently open vacancies.

To keep clutter to a minimum this screen excludes all Rejected/Withdrawn, Duplicate (or suspected Duplicate) candidates and those with 'Incomplete' applications (e.g. Mobile candidates with No CV). If you have Referred a candidate but they are not showing here, it may be because the record is still incomplete. Tip: you can view ALL your referrals it in the My referrals option under the Refer a Candidate menu.

Candidates are shown split by Vacancy and then by their 'Stage' in the process. Stages start at 1 Applied and end in 7 Hired. Clicking on the grey chevrons beside each Vacancy and/or Stage will hide/reveal individual candidates. Click on the Candidate's name to see their details or click on the 'email' link to send an email.

If you know what you are looking for, you can use the Search screens. We have also included a QuickLook screen which shows all your candidates currently at Interview. Its a one click overview - see the QuickLook menu.