Help: This screen allows you to search across all your vacancies and candidates.

If you simply want to see all of them, go straight to the 'Search' button. As well as the search options displayed on screen there are further ones accessible from the grey 'More search Options' button.

Dropdown options will display valid options for the organisation as a whole. Note it is possible these may include some options for vacancies being managed by other managers. Text boxes will allow you to use partial search e.g. typing in "Jon" as a First Name will also pick up "Jonathan". Note there are options for viewing Incomplete Applications (e.g. Mobile candidates with No CV) and for viewing Rejected Candidates.

Scoring. The system scores candidate applications according to question responses and we also can score candidates when they get screened. The results of these scores are shown on screens and you can also search only for candidates achieving above a certain score.