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Help: This screen displays the candidates that are being actively being interviewed for your vacancy(s).

To keep clutter to a minimum the screen excludes all Rejected/Withdrawn or Duplicate candidates (Tip: if you need to you can still find them using the Search screens).

Candidates are shown split by Vacancy and then by their 'Status' within the Interview Stage. Clicking on the grey chevrons beside each Vacancy will hide/reveal its candidates. Click on the Candidate's name to see their details or click on the 'email' link to send an email.

Your HR Consultant will agree with you how interviews will be arranged or scheduled for particular vacancies. The general expectation is that where you are interviewing you will agree suitable times in your own diary with the candidate (Tip: use the email and phone links on the screen to quickly contact candidates). Where HR is involved in booking times they will also use the Notes facility in the candidate record to record times/arrangements where these are known.

You can use the shortlist to order and rank candidates (A-D). Following an interview you can if you wish, directly change the Status of the candidate record (e.g. did they pass?). To do so click on the 'View Applicant Details' button towards the bottom of the screen and choose one of the Status pull down options (e.g. _Pass, _Reject). However you may find it easier to simply advise HR on the outcome either by using the Note facility, or by emailing your HR Consultant (a one click 'Email your HR Consultant' link is also provided in the record on-screen).